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Babe Caught Masterbating In Restroom

The girl in the picture above was caught masterbating on a hidden spy camera set up in the restroom of her office. One of the maintenance guys set up the camera to watch the girls peeing but the filthy pervert got more than he bargained for! Instead of going in there for a pee this chick obviously had something else on her mind. It seems she had an itch that needed scratching and she couldn't wait until she got home.

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Hotel Room Masterbation Video

Hotel Room Masterbation VideoThe guys from Spy Porn Network caught this girl (left) on one of their secret hotel room spy cameras. She came in very late one night looking a little bit drunk and crashed out on the sofa with the light still on. After a short time she loosened her top, removed her bra and flicked on the TV. We suspect she was watching a porn channel because her hand disappeared into her pants and from the movements she was making it was obvious she was masterbating. Fortunately for us they caught the whole thing on tape and posted it on their site. You can download it here.

Caught Masterbating In The Office

Caught Masterbating In The OfficeOn the right we have another girl caught masterbating on camera. This girl was caught on an office security camera with both legs raised up on her desk as she furiously masterbated with her fingers. She obviously thought she was completely in private with the door locked but she had no idea there was a camera there capturing her every horny move. The guys downstairs in the security office couldn't believe their luck! After the tape was passed around a few times it somehow ended up on this website where you can still download it. As far as I know the girl still has no idea she was caught masterbating on a hidden camera and she probably never will.